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Pipeline and Tunnel Products

Contact us for Custom and Standard Inflatable Pipe Plugs, Mechanical Pipe Plugs, Grout and Relining Packers, Sewer and Drain Flushers, Lift Cylinders and Lift Bags, and many more products for most pressure, chemical, and temperature requirements.

Petersen is all about providing solutions. We produce numerous standard pipeline related items, but also develop many customized and unique systems for almost any requirement.  Our engineers will help you configure your system and we can provide technical service and support by phone or on-site. Call 1-800-926-1926 or email us with your questions or requirements. We look forward to helping you find a solution that meets your requirements.

inflatable pipe plugs hot tap systems mechanical plugs Annular Seals
Packers and Carriers lift bags and cylinders inflatable duct balloons Duct Balloons
Custom Inflatable Bladders

Duct Balloons
Grout Bags, Inflatable Tunnel Seals PipelineHotTappingEquipment PipelineHotTappingEquipment test equipment
Grout Bags, Inflatable Tunnel Seals
Hot Tapping Tools
Tapper Sleeves and
Completion Plugs
Pipeline Test Equipment
accessories for plugs

pressure temperature plugs
drain sewer cleaning  
Pressure & Temperature Pete's Plug
Drain Flusher &
Sewer Cleaning Tools

Plug Volume Estimator