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Pipe Plugs and Packer for most size, pressure, chemical, and temperature requirements

Point Repair Carriers

Rigid Core Rubber Inflatable By-Pass Plugs

These Point Repair Carriers are well-suited for most point repair systems. A pipe point repair is ideal when you need to reline a single section of a pipeline without stopping the flow. Available for almost any pipe size, these carriers are known for both their durability and reliability.  Configurations are available for ambient, hot water, and steam cure, and with or without a bypass. Custom lengths are also available. Generally they are made with aramid reinforced EPDM for most chemical and temperature requirements - this allows our point repair carriers to be flexible yet durable for repetitive use. Shop our offerings to better prepare yourself for your next project.

Standard packers utilize nylon reinforced EPDM covers. Other materials also available.
Pressure range: 10-25 psig

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Packers/Carriers Without By-Pass
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Packers/Carriers With By-Pass (Flow-Thru)
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