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Pipe Plugs and Packer for most size, pressure, chemical, and temperature requirements

Petersen Flow StopTM High Pressure Pipe Plugging System, 129-8 Series

Quickly Block the flow without depressurizing the pipeline!

Inflatable Line Stop Selection.
    Highest Pressure: 129-0 Series
    Highest Flow Rate: 129-8 Series
    Smallest Tap Size: 128-0 Series

Reduce Time and Cost with Petersen® Inflatable Line Stop (ILS) systems. Call Petersen or email to discuss the benefits.

  • Safety enhanced and Environmental Risk reduced with smaller hot tap hole to help maintain pipeline flow and integrity.
  • Conforms to out of round pipe configurations for better seal than mechanical stops.
  • Time and Cost reduced with smaller lighter weight equipment allows and faster deployment.
  • High flexibility, small deflated diameter allows installation through much smaller hot tap than much heavier costlier mechanical stops.
  • Heavyweight Ballistic Nylon reinforced Polyurethane construction for long term reuse. Materials such as Kevlar and Viton available for most pressure, chemical, and temperature requirements.
  • A minimal inflation pressure with water, air or other inert gas will expand the plug thus most of the pressure is applied to pipe ID for sealing.
  • Small deflated plug diameter allows insertion through a much smaller hot tap than mechanical Line Stops
  • IFS Insertion Systems may be used with multiple plug and pipe sizes.

Use the Inflatable Line Stop Configurator to estimate dimensions and cost.


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Petersen Flow Stop 129-8 Series

Petersen Flow Stop (IFS)TM 129-8

Note:  It is best to stop the flow during the installation of PeteStopTM line stops. If not practical the below “rule of thumb” maximum flow rate seems to be acceptable.
     1/2 ft/sec for the 129-0 series standard and high pressure plugs
     10 ft/sec for the 129-8 series Flow Stop plugs

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