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Pipe Plugs and Packer for most size, pressure, chemical, and temperature requirements

PeteStopTM Inflatable Line Stop Pipe Plugging System, 129 Series

Use the Inflatable Line Stop Configurator to estimate dimensions and cost

Quickly Block the flow without depressurizing the pipeline!

Inflatable Line Stop Selection.
    Highest Pressure: 129-0 Series
    Highest Flow Rate: 129-8 Series
    Smallest Tap Size: 128-0 Series

Reduce Time and Cost with Petersen® Inflatable High Pressure Line Stop (ILS) systems. Call Petersen or email to discuss the benefits.

  • Safety enhanced and Environmental Risk reduced with smaller hot tap hole to help maintain pipeline integrity.
  • Conforms to out of round pipe configurations for better seal than mechanical stops.
  • Time and Cost reduced with smaller lighter weight equipment allows and faster deployment.
  • High flexibility, small deflated diameter allows installation through much smaller hot tap than much heavier costlier mechanical stops.
  • Heavyweight Ballistic Nylon reinforced Polyurethane construction for long term reuse. Materials such as Kevlar and Viton available for most pressure, chemical, and temperature requirements.
  • A minimal pressure with water, air or other inert gas will expand the LS plug thus most of the pressure is applied to pipe ID for sealing.
  • Small deflated plug diameter allows insertion through a much smaller hot tap than mechanical Line Stops
  • IFS Insertion Systems may be used with multiple tube plug and pipe sizes.

Use the Inflatable Line Stop Configurator to estimate dimensions and cost.

Top image: 129 Series

Bottom image: 129 Series with D extension for Dual Block & Bleed Plugs

Note 1: Dual Plug Line Stops Have a -D suffix
Note 2: Different Tap Hole Sizes Standard, -HP(High Pressure), & -D (Dual Plugs)
Note 3: It is best to stop the flow during the installation of PeteStopTM line stops. If not practical the below “rule of thumb” maximum flow rate seems to be acceptable:
     1/2 ft/sec for the 129-0 series standard and high pressure plugs
     10 ft/sec for the 129-8 series Flow Stop plugs

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