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Manhole Vacuum Testing

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These testers are made with Natural rubber.

An efficient way to test manholes!

These manhole vacuum testers provide the most efficient, accurate, and cost-effective method of testing new, existing, and rehabilitated manholes, per ASTM C 1244.

Vacuum testing identifies infiltration and exfiltration problems by creating a vacuum in a manhole and then monitoring a gauge for vacuum loss. Less expensive and faster than water testing, the manhole testers' remote-inflation and monitoring system keeps users away from the danger zone. Can be used in manholes as deep as 40' if desired.

Bladder-Style Head Assemblies


  • Seals the inside diameter of the manhole at frame or cone
  • Supported by a durable aluminum brace
  • Hose (20 ft.) and gauge assembly included
  • Push-pin rod design for easy depth adjustment

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Plate-Style Head Assemblies


  • Designed to seal manhole cone surface
  • Seals a wide range of manhole diameters
  • Hose (20 ft.) and gauge assembly included
  • Neoprene gasket for leak-free seal

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Vacuum Pumps


  • Choose a Honda or Briggs & Stratton engine - each with low-oil shut-off to prevent engine failure
  • Heavy-duty frame with optional wheel kit
  • Unbreakable aluminum filter jars
  • Oil-free graphite vane pump for no-fuss lubrication
  • Draws 10" HG vacuum in about two minutes for a 15' deep manhole

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Venturi Vacuum Generators


  • Converts standard air compressor into a vacuum source for testing manholes - draws a vacuum in minutes
  • Vacuum generator 460 delivers 14 CFM at 10" HG (air compressor: minimum 7 CFM at 100 psi)
  • Vacuum generator 600 delivers 42 CFM at 10" HG, meeting or exceeding the competition (air compressor: minimum 85 CFM at 100 PSI)
  • Chicago/Crows Foot air compressor fitting and Cam and Groove Adapter F Style vacuum fitting

Venturi Vacuum Generators
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Manhole Jack (Hose Guide)


  • Guides air hoses and cables at pipe invert in manhole
  • Zinc-plated for corrosion resistance
  • Fits pipe sizes 5" - 24"
  • Includes eye bolt for securing rope and ease of retrieval

Manhole Roller (Hose Guide)


  • Guides air hoses and cables at pipe invert in manhole
  • Adjustable push-in system
  • Installs at surface - no need to enter the manhole

Manhole Winch


  • Drags plugs in leak location testing
  • Feeds Pipeline Cleaning Ball down line for sewer cleaning
  • Normal pull strength up to 550 pounds
  • 3/32" diameter steel cable

Manhole Cover Hooks


  • Forged hexagonal steel for extra strength
  • Available with flat or 90 degree handles

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Testers Sizes: 20" to 42" And Accessories