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The successes we both have had in designing and building equipment to meet the special requirements of our customers has been very rewarding. I appreciate everything you have done to make this possible. The personal relationship we have developed has been very important and meaningful to me. I have very high regard for your analytical and problem solving ability in achieving an objective and creating solutions to problems.

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Accessories for 161-Series High Pressure Lifting Bags

Petersen Product Selection Guide

Custom plugs and packers are available for almost any application. Let us quote on your requirements!

Accessories For Pipe Plugs and Packers

Inflation adaptors, monitoring, gauges, hose and rope assemblies, inflation controllers, rotating elbows, regulators, protector sleeves, pull cages, pipe fittings, testing equipment, rupture discs, safety gags, tapping sleeves, inflatable lifting cylinders, etc.

161-9, 162, 910, 912, 924, 936 & 937-Series Item Numbers