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Capabilities and Custom Manufacturing

Petersen has engineers for design and a wide variety of manufacturing capabilities to produce custom and standard products and components from a wide variety of materials. Petersen creates mechanical and inflatable solutions for industries including pipeline, power, chemical, oil & gas, refining, wastewater, municipal water, and aerospace.

Equipment includes:

  • CNC Lathes
  • CNC Mills
  • CNC Fabric Pattern Cutting
  • Manual Mills & Lathes
  • RF Welding Inflatables
  • Custom O-Rings From Most Elastomers
  • Custom Vulcanizing
  • Custom Molds and Molding
  • Heavy Fabric Sewing Equipment
  • Mechanical and Inflatable Assembly

Contact Petersen with your requirements or ideas and let our engineers and manufacturing capabilities work for you. We love to create solutions to the most intractable challenges.

Technology and Services

Finitie Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Root Cause and Failure Analysis
Monarch Pressure Testing System
ERP system and integrated e-commerce platform
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Program
Inventory management
Export and Import Compliance
Inspection and Engineering
Project Management


Custom Machining

2018 Twinhorn VH-1010 CNC 4th Axis and right angled head W20” X L40” X H21.5”
2016 Twinhorn VTJ-1680 CNC mill
4th Axis W29.5” X L60” X H31.5”
2006 Doosan Puma 2500LY live tooling lathe 10” chuck, 12” max turn, 3” thru spindle, 32” max turn length, Y-axis
2013 Femco HL-55S big bore Lathe
15” chuck, 20” max turn, 4.5” thru spindle, 48” max turn length
2014 Doosan Puma 2600LY live tooling lathe with bar feeder
10” chuck, 14” max turn, 3” thru spindle, 32” max turn length, 5’ bar feeder, Y-axis
2011 Doosan Lynx 220LM live tooling lathe with bar feeder
6” chuck/ collet system, 10” max turn, 2” thru spindle, 20” max turn length 4’ bar feeder
2017 Cosen auto feeding CNC saw
13” dia. Round, 14” square, auto feeding
Do-all band saw 16” throat 12” height of cut
Harrison Manual lathe
DRO 10” chuck, 11” max turn, 2.5” thru spindle, 30” max turn length
Lagun Manual Mill (x2
DRO W18” X L40” X H16”
Fast Tapper

OD Grinder

Various calibrated gages and measuring devices

Die threading machine

Metal Fabrication

Lincoln Plasma Cutter
GMAW/FCAW/GTAW/SMAW welding machines
Cutting Torch
Pedestal grinders
Mag-based drill
Arbor press - 20" stroke
Shop prime and paint

Fabric Fabrication

Rubber and Plastic Fabrication

Manual Band saw-Can cut 18” throat 8” height of cut
Acutest 1000 – Tensile Tester
Eastman M9000 vacuum cutting table 68” wide x 30’ long (cuts most fabrics including Kevlar)
Drill press
Various heat presses and compression molding capabilities (5 ton presses)
Vulcanizing fixtures and molds
O-ring Cord stock any size (stock up to 3”)
Sheffield HC-51 Punch/Knife
Arbor presses various sizes
Uniflex HM-495 - Clamp Press 500 ton - 1”-10” Diameter clamps x 6” deep jaws

Typical Stocked Materials


Aluminum bar stock, tube, and plate
Various foams, plastics, and rubber products
Export worthy plywood and lumber
20 and 30 Mil Polyurethane Film
Ballistic Nylon w/ various engineered coatings such as Polyurethane, Nitrile, and EPDM
Canvas including military grades
Kevlar w/ various engineered coatings such as EPDM and Viton
Various raw plastic and rubbers such as Nitrile, EPDM, and Viton