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Drain Jets and Hydraulic Municipal Sewer Flushers

  • Open clogged drains and sewers with powerful jet action and high flow rate
  • Greater flow rate than rubber bulb-type flushers that require much of the pressure just to expand the rubber
    • DrainJet® & Hydraulic Flushers puts all the water flow and pressure to work
    • Easy to install, even around bends and elbows
  • Tough treated industrial fabric lasts many uses & resists punctures and tears
  • 100 to 102 Series with 3/4" garden hose connection
  • 102-3-Series with NPT connection for a Jetter hose
  • 107 Series with fire hose connections
  • Use as a pipe plug with a npt pipe plug in the outlet end
  • Flushing pressure range: 30-100 psig
  • Plugging Pressure to 40 psig
  • Sewer line cleanout tools with custom configurations to your requirement

Drain Jet Pro Drain Flashers, 102-3 Series

Drain Jet Professional Drain Flushers, 102-0 series

100-101 Series Economy DrainJet

Sewer Flushers, Municipal Style, 107-0 Series

Pipeline Cleaning Balls, 109 Series

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100-102 Series DrainJet® Hydraulic Drain Flushers Sizes: 1 3/8" to 6"

DrainJet® Pro DrainJet for the Professional Economy Drain Flusher Dr.Fixit
DrainJet® Pro for the High Pressure
Jetter, 102-3 Series - Treated
Heavy Duty Industrial Canvas
DrainJet® for the Professional,
102-0 Series - Treated Heavy
Duty Industrial Canvas
Economy Drain Flushers: 100 Series
 Dr.FixIt® & 101 Series Econo
Nylon Reinforced Vinyl

1. Connect Flusher to water hose.

2. Insert Flusher into drain.

3. Turn on water. Bag expands, locks Flusher in pipe and flushes drain clear.

Flushers, 102-3-Series, DrainJet®-Pro
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Professional Drain Flushers
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Economy Drain Flushers
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Custom configurations also available

107 Series Municipal Style Hydraulic Pipeline Flushers Sizes: 3" to 12"

  • Manufactured with heavy industrial treated woven fabric.
  • Multi size configuration allows use in smaller than the rated size.
  • Leak back may increase for smaller size pipes.
  • Light Weight Allows one person insertion for most sizes and applications.
  • Flexibility allows easy navigation through bends and small openings.
  • Under Water Placement is easier due to the small deflated size
  • Use as a plug with water or air by capping the outlet
  • Custom Configurations available for most size, temperature, chemical, and pressure requirements.

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Clear Sand & Debris
  1. Insert drain flush bag above debris with outlet pointed up stream
  2. Turn on water full force allowing water head build up
  3. Turn off water and remove Flusher; the released head of water clears pipeline
Clear Obstructed Sewer
  1. Insert Flusher above debris with outlet pointed down stream
  2. Turn on water full force allowing water to expand Flusher
  3. Water flow and pressure builds between Flusher and blockage clearing sewer

107 Series
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Custom configurations also available

* Warning: When used as an inflatable plug, inflate only to 25% of the flushing pressure! Maximum head pressures that a pipe plug may restrain can only be estimated. Slippage is influenced by many factors including fluid in the pipe, coefficient of pipeline friction, pressure required to inflate the plug, and accuracy of pressure gauges. Generally, a Multi-Flex™ Inflatable Plug inserted fully into pipeline will begin slipping between 50% and 80% of the inflation pressure if it has an inflated pipe contact length of 1 ½ to 2 times the diameter, but even a head pressure of 50% of the inflation pressure may cause slippage with some liquids. The inflation pressure is also subject to temperature change and debris or protrusions in the pipeline that could rupture the plug. The inflation pressure should be monitored and plugs anchored and/or mechanically blocked when slippage could cause property damage or injury. NEVER use a test pressure greater than the capacity of the weakest pipe or component in the system. NEVER use an inflatable plug when its failure could cause injury or catastrophic damage.

109 Series Pipeline Cleaning Balls Sizes: 5.87" to 18.25"

cleaning balls

109 Series
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  • Drags plugs in leak location testing
  • Feeds Pipeline Cleaning Ball down line for sewer cleaning
  • Normal pull strength up to 550 pounds
  • 3/32" diameter steel cable