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Hot Tapping Equipment

Custom plugs and packers are available for almost any application. Let us quote on your requirements!

Petersen® Hot Tap Pipe Plug Insertion System:

939-Series Item Numbers

Time and cost can be reduced considerably by using a Petersen® Hot Tap Pipe Plug Insertion System to stop the flow in a pressurized pipeline. There are basically two systems for plug insertion through a hot tap. Contact Petersen to discuss what hot tapping equipment is right for you.

2" to 96" Multi-Flex™ Hot Tap Insertion High Pressure Plugs:

128-Series Item Numbers

This HT Multi-Flex™ Plug is configured for installation through a hot tap. The Plug has an internal stiffener and a directional shoe on one end for installation through a hot tap and around a 90 degree bend. These Plugs generally have a woven ballistic nylon reinforced polyurethane outer ply but may be customized for a customer's specific requirements.

Pressure range: 4-90 psig

hot tap plug
hot tap plugging

Almost any size Multi-Flex™ Line Stop Plugs:

129-Series Item Numbers

This LS Multi-Flex™ Plug is often used for line stopping and may be installed through a hot tap. These Plugs have a woven ballistic nylon reinforced Polyurethane outer ply and may be manufactured to meet a customer's specific pressure and chemical requirements. This Plug may have the inflation port on the diameter or the end, and is available for almost any size pipeline requirements.

Pressure range: 15-160 psig

line stop plug
hot tap plugging

1/2" to 6" Hot Tappers:

261-Series Item Numbers

Tap live, pressurized pipelines without interruption. Economical tool allows tapping any size pipeline with 1/2" to 6" tap. Available with bi-metal or carbide grit cutters.

Made with Viton o-rings.

Maximum pressure: 120 psig

Pneumatic Heavy Duty HydraulicTappers:

The 262-2040 Hot Tapping Machine is designed for hot tapping while the existing pipeline is pressurized. Various cutter housings and cutter sizes can be used with the Hot Tapping Machine to perform a wide array of pipeline services including hot tapping and line stopping.

262-2040 Item Numbers

Pneumatic Hot Tapper

Completion Plugs:

150-Series Item Numbers

Completion Plug allows for removal of Hot Tap Valve

completion plug

Hot Tap Sleeves:

910-4 Series Item Numbers

These hot tap sleeves are fast and easy to install with simple hand tools, require no caulking or special equipment and may be used with any standard tapping valve.

Body is made of carbon steel, Flanges of AWWA C207 Class D, ANSI 150 lb. drilling, Gasket is Nitrile, Bolts, nuts, and washers are of a high strength low alloy steel with heavy semi-finished hexagon nuts, and the Finish is fusion bonded Fexi-Coat epoxy, coated to an average of 12 mil thickness.

hot tap sleeve

Hot Retrieval Systems:

266-3 Series Item Numbers

The retrieval system saves time and cost by facilitating an easy way to pull the Insertion Ram and plugs out of the pipeline back into the Launch Cylinder without the need for hoists or cranes. The retrieval device uses many of the same components as the Insertion System to simplify inventory. Contact Petersen to discuss how this system and our other line stopping and hot tapping equipment options may be adapted to your project.

hot tap sleeve