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Petersen is a technology driven company creating solutions for major pipeline contractors and operators. Our greatest business asset is loyal, competent people of the highest integrity who love to learn and develop solutions for our customer’s most challenging projects. Our core competencies are invested in a team with many years of accumulated experience including those with the company over 25 years. The company expects all team members to honor our commitment to customers with energetic work, ingenuity, suggestions, while receiving cooperation from the entire team. We believe that people were created to work in community and cooperate freely, for the benefit of others. We value individual freedom, initiative, and responsibility and also understand that our individual efforts have a greater value when we work in partnership with others. We understand that we all benefit far more than we could ever repay from the sacrifice and efforts of others throughout history and honor these gifts by working to earn the respect and trust of those we work with and for. Petersen offers an excellent benefit package and very competitive wages. We respect the divine dignity of each person and do not discriminate regardless of race, religion, gender, education, seniority or position.

We periodically have openings even if not listed so, if you would like to join our team, please click below and complete the application and mail to our address on the page footer or email Bonnie@PetersenProducts.com with any supportive attachments you may desire.

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