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The successes we both have had in designing and building equipment to meet the special requirements of our customers has been very rewarding. I appreciate everything you have done to make this possible. The personal relationship we have developed has been very important and meaningful to me. I have very high regard for your analytical and problem solving ability in achieving an objective and creating solutions to problems.

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128 Series Hot Tap Pipe Plug System-Spanish
129 Series Hot Tap Pipe Plug System-Spanish
130-5 Point Repair Carrier
261 Series Hot Tappers Sizes: 1/4" to 6"
262-2040 Pneumatic Heavy Duty Tapper
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Adapters & Pipe Fittings 910, 912, 936, & 936-7xxx Series
Hose & Rope Assemblies 936 Series
Inflation Controllers & Alarms 936 Series
Protective Sleeves for Molded Rubber Plugs 936 Series
Pull Cages 936 Series
Rotating Elbows for Fluid & Gas Transfer 936-80xx-x Series
Rupture Discs 924-130x- Series
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Custom Inflatable
Custom Inflatable Bladders
Drain Flusher & Sewer Cleaning Tools
Duct Balloons
Grout Bags, Inflatable Tunnel Seals
Grout Bags, Inflatable Tunnel Seals
Hole Saw Cutters for 261 Series and 262-2040 Hot Tappers
Hot Tap Equipment and Systems
Hot Tap Plugging System for pressurized pipelines
Hot Tap Video
Hot Tapping Tools
Inflatable Packers & Carriers
Inflatable Plugs
113 Series High Expansion Pipe Plugs 1" and Larger
114 & 115 Series Low Cost Multi-Flex Pipe Plugs W&W/O By-Pass
116 Series Multi-Flex Lateral Joint "T" Packers Sizes: 4" to 24"
118 & 119 Series Multi-Flex™ Point Repair Packers / Carriers With & Without By-Pass Sizes: 3 1/2" to 48"
124 & 125 Series Multi-Flex Pipe Plugs W&W/O By-Pass
126 Series Multi-Flex Rigid By-Pass Pipe Plugs
128 Series Multi-Flex Hot Tap Insertion Plugs
129 Series Multi-Flex High Pressure Hot Tap Insertion LS Plugs
129BB Series Multi-Flex Block and Bleed Plugs
130-0 Series Plumber Style Rubber Test Plugs
130-1 Series Stack Test Style Rubber Test Plugs
130-2 Series Municipal Style Muni-Ball By-Pass Plugs
130-3 Series Long Test- Ball Plugs
130-4 Series Leak Detector Plugs
  > Inflatable Pipe Plugs
130-6 Series Large Flow-Through By-Pass Plugs
130-7 Series Remote Placement Plug
130-9 Series Pillow Stopper Plugs W&W/O By-Pass
131 Series High Expansion Inflatable Plugs
134 Series Municipal Kevlar Reinforced Rubber Plugs Without By-Pass
135 Series Pneumatic Pillow Stopper Plugs W&W/O By-Pass
136 Series Municipal Kevlar Reinforced Rubber Plugs With By-Pass
137 Series Plumber Style Rubber Test Plugs W&W/O By-Pass
138 Series Long Two-Stage Pipe Plugs
154 Series Gas Plugs
Packers and Carriers
Pipe Plug Hot Tap Insertion Systems
Lead Free Brass Ball Valves
Lifting Bags & Lift Cylinders
161 Series Medium Pressure Heavy Lifting Air Bags
161-0 Series High Pressure Flat Form Bags
161-5 Series High Pressure Heavy Lifting Air Bags
161-9 Series Inflatable Lifting Cylinders
Mechanical Plugs Low and High Pressure
140 Series Pipe Protector Plugs
140-1 Tapered Redwood Pipe Plugs
140-4 & 140-5 Series Flush Mounted Plugs
141 Series Low Pressure Aluminum Body By-Pass Plugs
142 Series Nylon Body Test Plugs
142-8 Series Well Monitoring Plugs
142-9 Series Test Caps
143-0 Series nylon Test & Cleanout Plugs W&W/O By-Pass
143-1 Series Lever Type Expandable Rubber Plugs
143-2 Series T-Handle Expandable Rubber Plugs
143-3 Series Steel Wing Nut Plugs
143-4 Series Polypropylene End of Pipe Plugs
143-5 Series Water Line Stub Plugs
143-7 Series T-Handle Aluminum Test Plugs W&W/O By-Pass
143-8 Reinforced Threaded and Hub Plugs
143-9 Reinforced ABS Wing Nut Plugs
144 Series Low Pressure nylon Plugs W&W/O By-Pass
144-1 Series High Impact ABS Wing Nut Plug
145-8 Series Pipeline Joint Testers
145-9 Series Mechanical and Inflatable Seal Pipe By-Pass Plugs, Medium and High Pressure
146-9 Series Mechanical Plugs
147 Series Bolt Type High Pressure Test Plugs With By-Pass
148-0 Series EZ-Swet Mechanical Line Stopper Plugs W&W/O By-Pass
148-3 Series Remote Placement Expander Plugs
149-1 Series Aluminum Body Test By-Pass Plugs
149-2 Series Double Mechanical Aluminum Body Test Plugs
151 Series High Lift Flange Weld Test By-Pass Plugs�
936-5000- Series Safety Gags
Petersen Hot Tap Pipe Plug Insertion Systems
Pipeline Test Equipment
145-8 Series Pipeline Joint Testers
924-1304 Series Leak Detector Pressure Testing
938-7 Series Manhole Vacuum Testers & Accessories
938-9 Series High Pressure Portable Hydrostatic Test Pumps
938-93 Series Hydrostatic Test Pump
938-94 Series Stringers and Ventilators
938-95 Series Smoke Testers
938-96 Series Deflection Gauges
Safety Gags
Site Help / FAQ
Tapper Sleeves and Completion Plugs
150 Series Completion Plugs
910-4 Series Hot Tap Sleeves
Hot Tap Pipe Plug Insertion Systems
Hot Tapping Tools
Temperature & Pressure Pete's Plug
310 Series P & T Plugs and Accessories
311 Series Pete's Plug II and Accessories
Valve Repair or Replacement System
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Accessories and Fittings
Annular Seals
Custom Inflatable
Annular Seals
Duct Balloons
Drain and Sewer Cleaning Tools
Duct Balloons
Hot Taps & Line Stops
Pipe Plug Hot Tap Insertion Systems
Completion Plugs
Hot Tap Sleeves
Retrieval systems
Hot Tap Tools
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Lifting Bags and Cylinders
116 PSI Flat Form Lifting
145 / 116 PSI Heavy Duty Lifting
High Lift Lifting Bags
Inflatable Lifting Cylinder
Manhole Tools
Pipe Plugs and Stoppers
Hot Tap Insertion Systems
Inflatable Plug
Mechanical Plug
Temperature & Pressure (Pete's Plugs)
310-Series T&P Plug
311-Series Pete's T&P Plug
Test Equipment
Deflection Gauges
Standard Pressure Test Pumps
High Pressure Test Pumps
Joint Testers
Leak Pressure Testing
Smoke Testers
Stringers & Ventilators
Vacuum Testers
Product Guide
Annular Seals
Custom Inflatable
Drain and Sewer
Hot Tap Equipment
Lift Bags
Pipe Plugging Systems Overview
Plugs, Inflatable
Plugs, Mechanical
Temperature & Pressure Plugs
Test Equipment

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Standard Pipe Sizes
Copper Tubing Sizes
Cement-Lined Ductile Pipe
SDR Pipe
ADS N-12 Pipe
Cast Iron
Ductile Iron
ASME ANSI Flange Sizes
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Chemical Resistance Chart Plastics
Chemical Resistance Chart Elastomers
Calculator Valve Service Inflatable Line Stop
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129-Series Pressure Ratings
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Calculator for Pressure, Slipping Force, Volume, Pressure Unit Conversion
Calculator 129-Series Line Stop
Calculator 128-Series Line Stop
Case Study
Miscellaneous Case Studies
Inflatable Bag Stops enable critical plant maintenance without shutdowns
Dewatering in Extreme Environment: Annular Seal Use in Deep Water Welding Repair
Petersen Inflatable Line Stop Keeps an Oil Sand Facility Producing
Large Mine Flooding Remediation
Plugging Active Pipes in Extreme Environment
Plugging a 60" Water Pipeline
72" Petersen® Multi-Flex™ Line Stop for a Valve Change
High Pressure "Bag Stop"
24" Sewer Main Repair
Grouting a 60" Pipe for Abandonment
How to Plug a Large Sewer
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