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The successes we both have had in designing and building equipment to meet the special requirements of our customers has been very rewarding. I appreciate everything you have done to make this possible. The personal relationship we have developed has been very important and meaningful to me. I have very high regard for your analytical and problem solving ability in achieving an objective and creating solutions to problems.

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128 Series Hot Tap Pipe Plug System-Spanish
129 Series Hot Tap Pipe Plug System-Spanish
130-5 Point Repair Carrier
145-1 Series
261 Series Hot Tappers Sizes: 1/4" to 6"
262-2040 Pneumatic Heavy Duty Tapper
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Adapters & Pipe Fittings 910, 912, 936, & 936-7xxx Series
Hose & Rope Assemblies 936 Series
Inflation Controllers & Alarms 936 Series
Protective Sleeves for Molded Rubber Plugs 936 Series
Pull Cages 936 Series
Rotating Elbows for Fluid & Gas Transfer 936-80xx-x Series
Rupture Discs 924-130x- Series
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Contractor tools
Custom Inflatable
Custom Inflatable Bladders
Drain Flusher & Sewer Cleaning Tools
Duct Balloons
Elliptical Concrete pipe
Grout Bags, Inflatable Tunnel Seals
Grout Bags, Inflatable Tunnel Seals
High-Pressure Plugs Sizes 4 to 32"
Hole Saw Cutters for 261 Series and 262-2040 Hot Tappers
Hot Tap Equipment and Systems
Hot Tap Plugging System for pressurized pipelines
Hot Tap Video
Hot Tapping Tools
Inflatable Packers & Carriers
Inflatable Plugs
113 Series High Expansion Pipe Plugs 1" and Larger
114 & 115 Series Low Cost Multi-Flex Pipe Plugs W&W/O By-Pass
116 Series Multi-Flex Lateral Joint "T" Packers Sizes: 4" to 24"
118 & 119 Series Multi-Flex™ Point Repair Packers / Carriers With & Without By-Pass Sizes: 3 1/2" to 48"
124 & 125 Series Multi-Flex Pipe Plugs W&W/O By-Pass
126 Series Multi-Flex Rigid By-Pass Pipe Plugs
128 Series Multi-Flex Hot Tap Insertion Plugs
129 Series Multi-Flex High Pressure Hot Tap Insertion LS Plugs
129BB Series Multi-Flex Block and Bleed Plugs
130-0 Series Plumber Style Rubber Test Plugs
130-1 Series Stack Test Style Rubber Test Plugs
130-2 Series Municipal Style Muni-Ball By-Pass Plugs
130-3 Series Long Test- Ball Plugs
130-4 Series Leak Detector Plugs
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130-6 Series Large Flow-Through By-Pass Plugs
130-7 Series Remote Placement Plug
130-9 Series Pillow Stopper Plugs W&W/O By-Pass
134 Series Municipal Kevlar Reinforced Rubber Plugs Without By-Pass
135 Series Pneumatic Pillow Stopper Plugs W&W/O By-Pass
136 Series Municipal Kevlar Reinforced Rubber Plugs With By-Pass
137 Series Plumber Style Rubber Test Plugs W&W/O By-Pass
138 Series Long Two-Stage Pipe Plugs
154 Series Gas Plugs
Packers and Carriers
Pipe Plug Hot Tap Insertion Systems
Lead Free Brass Ball Valves
Lifting Bags & Lift Cylinders
161-0 Series High Pressure Flat Lift Form Bags
161-5 Series High Pressure Heavy Lifting Air Bags
161-9 Series Inflatable Lifting Cylinders
Mechanical Plugs Low and High Pressure
140 Series Pipe Protector Plugs
140-1 Tapered Redwood Pipe Plugs
140-4 & 140-5 Series Flush Mounted Plugs
141 Series Low Pressure Aluminum Body By-Pass Plugs
142 Series Nylon Body Test Plugs
142-8 Series Well Monitoring Plugs
142-9 Series Test Caps
143-0 Series nylon Test & Cleanout Plugs W&W/O By-Pass
143-1 Series Lever Type Expandable Rubber Plugs
143-2 Series T-Handle Expandable Rubber Plugs
143-3 Series Steel Wing Nut Plugs
143-4 Series Polypropylene End of Pipe Plugs
143-5 Series Water Line Stub Plugs
143-7 Series T-Handle Aluminum Test Plugs W&W/O By-Pass
143-8 Reinforced Threaded and Hub Plugs
143-9 Reinforced ABS Wing Nut Plugs
144 Series Low Pressure nylon Plugs W&W/O By-Pass
144-1 Series High Impact ABS Wing Nut Plug
145-9 Series Mechanical and Inflatable Seal Pipe By-Pass Plugs, Medium and High Pressure
146-9 Series Mechanical Plugs
147 Series Bolt Type High Pressure Test Plugs With By-Pass
148-0 Series EZ-Swet Mechanical Line Stopper Plugs W&W/O By-Pass
148-3 Series Remote Placement Expander Plugs
149-1 Series Aluminum Body Test By-Pass Plugs
149-2 Series Double Mechanical Aluminum Body Test Plugs
151 Series High Lift Flange Weld Test By-Pass Plugs�
936-5000- Series Safety Gags
Petersen Hot Tap Pipe Plug Insertion Systems
Pipeline Test Equipment
145-8 Series Pipeline Joint Testers
924-1304 Series Leak Detector Pressure Testing
938-7 Series Manhole Vacuum Testers & Accessories
938-9 Series High Pressure Portable Hydrostatic Test Pumps
938-93 Series Hydrostatic Test Pump
938-94 Series Stringers and Ventilators
938-95 Series Smoke Testers
938-96 Series Deflection Gauges
Product & Service Warranty, Terms & Conditions
Safety Gags
Site Help / FAQ
Tapper Sleeves and Completion Plugs
150 Series Completion Plugs
910-4 Series Hot Tap Sleeves
Hot Tap Pipe Plug Insertion Systems
Hot Tapping Tools
Temperature & Pressure Pete's Plug
310 Series P & T Plugs and Accessories
311 Series Pete's Plug II and Accessories
Product Instructions
Valve Repair or Replacement System
Wing Nut Test Plugs
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Accessories and Fittings
Annular Seals
Custom Inflatable
Annular Seals
Duct Balloons
Drain and Sewer Cleaning Tools
Duct Balloons
Hot Taps & Line Stops
Pipe Plug Hot Tap Insertion Systems
Completion Plugs
Hot Tap Sleeves
Retrieval systems
Hot Tap Tools
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Lifting Bags and Cylinders
116 PSI Flat Form Lifting
145 / 116 PSI Heavy Duty Lifting
Inflatable Lifting Cylinder
Pipe Plugs and Stoppers
Hot Tap Insertion Systems
Inflatable Plug
Mechanical Plug
Temperature & Pressure (Pete's Plugs)
310-Series T&P Plug
311-Series Pete's T&P Plug
Contractor Tools
Pipe Plug Volume Calculations
HS Export Codes
Chemical Resistance Chart Plastics
Chemical Resistance Chart Elastomers
129-Series Pressure Ratings
Test Equipment
Deflection Gauges
Standard Pressure Test Pumps
High Pressure Test Pumps
Joint Testers
Leak Pressure Testing
Smoke Testers
Stringers & Ventilators
Vacuum Testers
Product Instructions
Product Guide
Annular Seals
Drain and Sewer
Hot Tap Equipment
Lift Bags
Pipe Plugging Systems Overview
Plugs, Inflatable
Plugs, Mechanical
Temperature & Pressure Plugs
Test Equipment
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Standard Pipe Sizes
Copper Tubing Sizes
Cement-Lined Ductile Pipe
SDR Pipe
ADS N-12 Pipe
Cast Iron
Ductile Iron
Elliptical Concrete Pipe
ASME ANSI Flange Sizes
Case Study
Miscellaneous Case Studies
Inflatable Bag Stops enable critical plant maintenance without shutdowns
Angola LNG Case Study
Dewatering in Extreme Environment: Annular Seal Use in Deep Water Welding Repair
Petersen Inflatable Line Stop Keeps an Oil Sand Facility Producing
Large Mine Flooding Remediation
Plugging Active Pipes in Extreme Environment
Plugging a 60" Water Pipeline
72" Petersen® Multi-Flex™ Line Stop for a Valve Change
High Pressure "Bag Stop"
24" Sewer Main Repair
Grouting a 60" Pipe for Abandonment
How to Plug a Large Sewer
Configure Product
Ellipse to Plug Diameter Calculator
Volume, Slipping Force Calculator
Inflatable Line Stop Configurator, 129 Series
Inflatable Line Stop Configurator, 128 Series
Valve Line Stop Configurator
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