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Plumbing and Industrial Pipeline Products

Contact Petersen for your most demanding product and service requirements. Click any item number for high-reliability specifications. We can help with product customization and new solutions for plumbing and industrial pipeline products.

Inflatable Plugs, Multiflex Chemical Resistant

PeteStop Inflatable Line Stop Plugs

PeteStop Line Stop Insertion Systems

Inflatable Plugs Rubber Molded

Inflation Accessories

Mechanical Plugs

Hand Tightening, Low Pressure

Bolt Tightening, High Pressure

Custom Inflatable

Drain and Sewer Cleaning Tools

Packer Carriers

Temperature and Pressure Plugs (Pete’s T&P Plugs)

Test Equipment

Lifting Bags, High Pressure, Hazmat, Pipe Handlers, and Custom Configurations

Contractor Tools

Capabilities and Custom Manufacturing