Quickly Block the flow without depressurizing the pipeline!

The Petersen® PeteStop™ 128-Series Line Stop is our first line stop system. It has the smallest tap hole of any of the PeteStop® Line Stop Plugs.

Advantages of PeteStop® 128-Series Pipe Plug Systems

  1. Faster – smaller lighter weight equipment
  2. Less Expensive – smaller hole and smaller equipment needed, less time to complete
  3. Safety Enhanced  - smallest tap hole and larger surface area means less stress on pipe
  4. Lower Environmental Risk – smallest tap hole
  5. Plug Abnormal Pipe Conditions - Heavy Corrosion, Out-of-Round Pipe, Weld Bead, etc.
  6. Versatility – Most pressure, chemical, temperature requirements
  7. Limited Space Work Environment
  8. Minimal pressure to seal on pipe ID
  9. Multiple combinations – Double Block & Bleed, Centered, Off-Center, Side, Flow Stop, High Pressure
  10. Reusable – Heavyweight Ballistic Nylon reinforced Polyeurethane (Kevlar, Viton & others available)
  11. Conform to the pipe better
  12. Less Stress on Pipe with Structural Integrity Issues or Aging Pipe versus Mechanical Stop
  13. Great Complement to Mechanical Stop where there isn’t a workable seal
  14. Stop flow in pipes over 50”!!

PeteStop® 128-Series Line Stops for most:

Most size chemical temperature pressure

128-Series Configurator128 Configurator

128-Series Video

128 Series Video

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