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Pipe Plugs-Inflatable

Petersen Products has the inflatable pipe plug you need for your job. Choose from our Multi-Flex® line for plugging hydrocarbons, acids, esthers, and more. Or use the PeteStop® to perform a line stop without shutting down the pipeline. Or our large variety of molded rubber plugs for testing, plugging, bypassing, etc.  Or the packer carriers that allow you to do CIPP repairs using air, hot water or steam. Or heavy duty bore hole pipe plugs which dramatically reduce safety and environmental risks. Or custom inflatable bladders for a variety of applications. Or grout bags for sealing off abandoned pipes, mine shafts, tunnels, etc. Or duct plugs custom built to plug an opening. Or Annular Seals that can be used for many applications. Not sure what you need? Give us a call or send us a quote with your unique situation.

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