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The successes we both have had in designing and building equipment to meet the special requirements of our customers has been very rewarding. I appreciate everything you have done to make this possible. The personal relationship we have developed has been very important and meaningful to me. I have very high regard for your analytical and problem solving ability in achieving an objective and creating solutions to problems.

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161-9 Series Inflatable Lifting Cylinders (Multi-Flex™)

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These cylinder lift bags are manufactured to the customers requirements meeting most weight, temperature, and chemical requirements. They can be inflated with air, an inert gas or liquid.

These lift bags have been used to lift, pull, and align tubes, pipes, transformers, and other types of equipment.

They are not to be used for lifting over any personnel or where their failure would cause significant damage.

Call or send an email to let us quote an item that meets your specific requirements. Many configurations are available.

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