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Pipe Plugs and Packer for most size, pressure, chemical, and temperature requirements

Flush Mounted and Beveled Finishing Plate Plugs Sizes: 1.5" to 4", 140-4 & 140-5 Series

These plugs are non pressure rated

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Mechanical Pipe Plugs Without Integral Restraint Generic Operating Instructions

These non-pressure plugs come in two styles, the Counter Sunk and the Finishing Plate style. These plugs have a stainless steel hex expansion screw, a neoprene gasket, and ABS construction for use in commercial applications. Commonly used where carpeting will be laid over a clean out as in an office or finished basement. Either may be used for wall applications, though use of the Finishing Plate style is more common. Plugs have a neoprene gasket.

These plugs use a 5/32" allen wrench for installation and removal and are considered a tamper proof expansion plug. To install plug simply hand tighten the screw to the right until snug. Do not over tighten. To remove plug turn screw to the left, lightly tap the screw then remove the plug.

The 140-4 Counter Sunk style has a heavy duty 12 gauge stainless steel top plate for use in areas of heavy traffic areas such as driveways, doorways, sidewalks, or warehouse floor drains where heavy machinery can be driven over it. It will sit flush to the floor. Gasket to the top of the stainless steel plate is 1/4".

cleanout plugs

140-4 Series Stainless Steel Topped Counter Sunk Plugs

The 140-5 Finishing Plate Style is for lighter duty walking traffic Beveled plate will sit atop the floor surface.

cleanout plugs

140-5 Series bright Stainless Steel Finishing Plate Plugs

Stainless Steel (12 gauge) Topped Counter-Sunk Plugs
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Bright Stainless Steel (22 gauge) Finishing Plate Plugs - Flush
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