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Petersen Companies - 100 Years Family-Owned

Our Mission

To contribute to the total wellbeing of individuals and society by employing and empowering highly capable people of integrity who are motivated to create solutions of considerable value especially for wastewater, tunneling, plumbing, and pipeline customers.

Our Vision

To be seen as a responsive, beneficial, creative, and trusted solution provider.

Our Quality

Petersen is committed to providing customers with product and service solutions that conform to the ISO 9001 Standard with continuous quality improvement and meet customer, legal, and regulatory requirements. Our ambition is to provide superior craftsmanship with unmatched responsiveness to achieve the highest level of customer benefit and satisfaction.

Our Specific Quality Objectives

Safety, for Employee and Customer.

Zero injuries or incidents

Product Conformity and Service Solutions.

Eliminate returns, complaints, and defectives

On Time Delivery.

Eliminate late deliveries

Complete Customer Satisfaction.

Our Customers

Our overriding obligation is to benefit people and industries who use our products and services. We are committed to the highest degree of integrity and understand that customer safety, satisfaction, and trust defines our reputation and the value of our products and services in the market.

Our Team

Our greatest business resource is loyal, well-informed, competent employees of the highest integrity. We are privileged to be part of the Petersen Team with these character traits and many years of accumulated knowledge, some with over 30 years’ Petersen experience and all still growing in ability to serve customers with energetic work, ingenuity, and cooperation.

Our Vendors

We continue to develop long-term vendor relationships based on trust, competence, and a commitment to work together to serve customers with the best product and service in the market. We provide many quality products and components from quality manufacturers complementing those we produce. Our manufacturing focus is on specialized solutions not available from others.

Our Growing Competencies

The Petersen Team continuously improves skill and capacity as indicated by steady flow of new product and service solutions for customers. Petersen is unique in having equipment and skills for manufacturing a wide variety of mechanical and inflatable specialty products. Capabilities include manual and CNC metal working machinery, CNC woven and non-woven pattern cutting, material tensile testing, extensive stitching equipment, RF and Heat Welding of thermoplastic materials, O-ring and seal vulcanizing, short run and prototype rubber molding, extremely high pressure swaging technology, and many more manufacturing systems. Petersen also provides in-shop and on-site customer installation and operation training and technical support as well as long term wastewater system management. Petersen's unique proprietary products, systems, and manufacturing methods allow the Petersen Team to provide customized products and systems quickly to meet the most demanding requirements.

Our Mechanical Solutions

Through decades of experience we have been providing custom solutions for most size, pressure, and temperature requirements of complex projects. Petersen fabricates many custom mechanical systems for engineers and contractors globally.

Our Inflatable Solutions

Even prior to 1916 Milwaukee asked George Petersen to make inflatable plugs to block small and large diameter sewers. Many years’ refinement allow our engineers and skilled technicians to develop unique systems for use in ever-increasing pipeline configurations, sizes, and pressures. Petersen provides inflatable plugs, tunnel seals, bladders, lift cylinders, and many other inflatable devices across multiple industries.

Our Drain Flusher

The Petersen drain and sewer flusher (Drain-Jet) has been a staple professional drain flushing tool for over 100 years. It was developed to clear drains in a butcher shop and has expanded market to many industrial, swimming pool maintenance, and plumbing professionals.

Our Wastewater Solutions

Petersen provides the latest treatment and dispersal technology to clean wastewater to the most stringent standards. The treated effluent helps prevent drainage field failure and enhances the environmental by recycling treated wastewater back into the aquafer. Ongoing Petersen wastewater system management and monitoring facilitates continuous very high quality wastewater treatment.

Our Materials

Petersen continues to incorporate enormous advancements in materials and technology into products, services, and manufacturing processes. The Petersen team utilizes many advanced materials for specific chemical, temperature, and pressure requirements such as Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals, Polyurethanes, Polyimides, Polyester, Canvas, Kevlar, Buna-n/Nitrile, EPDM, Viton, SBR, Silicone, Viton, and many others. Wastewater Treatment equipment includes equipment, technical support, and management of treatment systems utilizing anaerobic and aerobic aeration as well as the most advances membrane technology.

Our Family History

Petersen's first patent was issued to George Petersen in 1916, the grandfather of the current CEO Phil Lundman. The company has been in the family over 100 years, producing high quality specialty equipment including pipeline and wastewater systems for contractors and engineers. The third and fourth generation is involved and the fifth on the way.

Our Family Values Inform Everything

  1. “Why” we do what we do, informs “What” we do, and “How” we do it.
  2. Our primary motivation is thankfulness that our Creator has privileged us with the gift of a meaningful life free to respond to any situation with the understanding that what we think, say and do demonstrates our level of appreciation and our level of maturity of a virtuous moral character.
  3. We are also motivated in gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to a priceless legacy bequeathed to us by the commitment, hard work, and sacrifice of ancestors, employees, vendors, customers, friends, family, and God without which we could do nothing worthwhile.
  4. We strive to make choices that create long term benefits to customers, employees, family, and the common good in recognition that our life on earth is short but has great significance in how we act on our love for God and neighbor influencing how we will live eternally.

Our Family Trust

The Family Trust’s charitable initiatives support local community charities and the Christian Church as it strives to improve the wellbeing of people regardless of ethnicity, religion, phase of life, or ability. We support initiatives that include education, health care, economic and spiritual development, and relief especially in areas of extreme religious hostility and poverty as encouraged by the UN Declaration of Human Rights and our Christian religion. The Family Trust is organized to own and operate investments including the Petersen businesses to help fund these initiatives into perpetuity.

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