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161-5 Series 145 or 116 PSI High Pressure Heavy Duty Bags Sizes 6" to 36"

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161-5 Series High Pressure Lifting Air Bags Operating Instructions

Made of Aramid reinforced rubber compound.
Operating Temperature: -40°F to 130°F

The series 161-5 high pressure heavy lifting air bags have up to 25% higher lift capacity than a conventional lift bag of the same size. This is due to the 25% higher inflation pressure, i.e. 145 PSI as compared to the conventional 116 PSI. In addition, they are lighter in weight and have a lower profile with an insertion height of only 0.9”. The special rib design on the surface ensures perfect interlocking when stacking two lift bags. Each air bag has a minimum safety factor of 4 with a burst pressure of 580 PSI or more. They are compatible with and can be used with conventional 116 PSI inflation control systems. Two year limited warranty.

Above Left - Each bag is supplied with two nipples. The bottom one is a 1/4" safety nipple (with two ribs) and can only be used with a safety coupler which reduces the risk of possible injury or damage due to accidental air line disconnect.The top one is a 1/4" standard industrial interchange (SAE) nipple. Lower right in this photo is the 1/4 BSP threaded male stem which is also removable in case of thread damage.

Above - Lifting Curves at 145psi. Click to enlarge in a new window

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