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910-4 Series Hot Tap Sleeves for Hot Tap Pipe Plug Insertion Systems

These hot tap sleeves are fast and easy to install with simple hand tools, require no caulking or special equipment and may be used with any standard tapping valve. The steel pipe sleeve design directly reinforces without shims or pads and weighs less than heavy cast iron sleeves. The self-energizing gasket will not roll or bind on installation and the seal increases with line pressure. The generous cross section of the metal pipe sleeve assures a good seal even on rough or pitted pipe. These tapping sleeves consist of two sections of heavy welded steel that bolt together on the pipe and seal against a concave wedge gasket around the tap opening. The outlet half has a recessed flat faced flange to mate with standard tapping valves per MSS SP60 up through 12" size-on-size. For tap sizes 14" and above, flanges can be furnished to accommodate the valve requirements. The outlet half also has a 3/4" npt test plug.

Material Specifications: Body is made of carbon steel, Flanges of AWWA C207 Class D, ANSI 150 lb. drilling, Gasket is Nitrile, Bolts, nuts, and washers are of a high strength low alloy steel with heavy semi-finished hexagon nuts, and the Finish is fusion bonded Fexi-Coat epoxy, coated to an average of 12 mil thickness.

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*Size-on-Size Taps require a 1/2" undersize shell cutter.
Other sizes and configurations available upon request.
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