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Hot Tapper, Carbide Hole Saws

Tungsten carbide tooth tips offer the highest wear resistance possible for fast holes and longer life cutting abrasive materials. Cutting depth is 1-1/2". Arbor required.

Features and Benefits

  • Special tooth design for very fast hole saw cutting
  • Ground and set teeth help to cut materials that bi-metal hole saw cutters will not cut
  • 3 teeth per inch creates a wider gullet for better chip clearance and faster cutting
  • Carbide teeth hole saws provide the longest life in general purpose and extreme materials with the ability to cut through stainless steel, cast iron, fastener embedded wood, cement board, fiberglass, plaster, asphalt shingles, and more with ease.
  • Carbide tipped hole saws are not recommended for aluminum, brass, mild steel, stainless steel, ceramic, marble, glass, granite, slate, and terrazzo.
  • Carbide Hole saws may be used on flat surfaces, they are not recommended for pipe.
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    Saw, Hole 5-3/4" Carbide 1.5 Lb (0.68 Kg) 910-9091-C
    Saw, Hole 4-3/4" Carbide 1.5 Lb (0.68 Kg) 910-9089-C
    Saw, Hole 3-7/8" Carbide 1.5 Lb (0.68 Kg) 910-9087-C
    Saw, Hole 3-3/8" Carbide 1 Lb (0.45 Kg) 910-9085-C
    Saw, Hole 2-7/8" Carbide 1 Lb (0.45 Kg) 910-9084-C
    Saw, Hole 2-3/8" Carbide 1 Lb (0.45 Kg) 910-9083-C
    Saw, Hole 1-7/8" Carbide 0.5 Lb (0.23 Kg) 910-9081-C
    Saw, Hole 1-3/8" Carbide 0.5 Lb (0.23 Kg) 910-9071-C
    Saw, Hole 1-1/8" Carbide 0.5 Lb (0.23 Kg) 910-9061-C
    Saw, Hole 7/8" Carbide 0.5 Lb (0.23 Kg) 910-9041-C
    Saw, Hole 5/8" Carbide 0.5 Lb (0.23 Kg) 910-9031-C
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