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Pipe Plugs and Packer for most size, pressure, chemical, and temperature requirements

Spigot End & Bell End Sizes: 6" to 60" Mechanical Night Cap Plugs, 140 Series

These plugs are non pressure rated

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Mechanical Pipe Plugs Without Integral Restraint Generic Operating Instructions

These plugs are made with a Natural rubber gasket.

The non-pressure Pipe Protector Plug is a patented polyethylene plug used to keep all types of pipe clean. If you need to keep your pipe free of water, sand, mud, animals, or just about anything else, this is the answer. It saves time and money and fits pipe from 6" to 60".

Custom sizes are available upon request!

Specifications for Ductile Iron, C-900, or Vylon (Viton) & Pro 21 Pipe
Specifications for Polyethylene, Concrete or SDR 35 Pipe
Specifications for SDR 26, SDR 21(cl 200), SDR 26 (cl 160), Ultra Rib or Steel Gas Pipe

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Click an Item Number below to order

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