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Information we need

TAMPI -> Temperature, Application, Medium (flow), Pressure, Inside Diameter

It can be installed horizontally or vertically and into a horizontal or vertical run of pipe It can be installed into unique circumstances such as ROV, tunnel, or rock

Our hydrocarbon resistant Multi-Flex® plugs have been installed for years, but it depends greatly on the service and how it is monitored. Please contact Petersen Engineering for details

  • It can be inflated from the end or from the side
  • It can be lowered into place with a crane or hoist It can be rolled in on wheels or other device It can be inserted through a hot tap
  • It can be inserted through a hole smaller than the pipe size It can be installed via ROV
  • Other placement options are available

Yes. We have many options available from hot tap insertions to multi-segmented mechanicals.

Yes. We have many application specific options available. Our very flexible Multi-FlexTM plugs excel in this application.

Many of our plugs can be configured for various leak past rates and we can always test individual plugs for specific customer requirements. In general, our plugs will allow a nominal amount of medium to leak past.
Our standard seal is a considered a "workable seal". Due to unknown field conditions from pipe tolerances and corrosion, our plugs will allow a nominal amount of medium to leak past. Plugs may be customized to a "positive seal", which offers higher degree of sealing, but may still allow a minimal amount of leak past.
100% sealed and leak tight may be achieved by use of double block and bleed and/or multiple plugs working together and customized to the application.

Safety is our top priority. All pipe plugs must be blocked or anchored adequately against a force equal to the head pressure times the cross-sectional area of the pipe. Debris or protrusions in the pipeline can damage a seal or rupture inflatable plugs. NEVER use an inflatable plug when its failure could cause injury or catastrophic damage or as the only means of protection for personnel working downstream. NEVER use a test pressure greater than the capacity of the weakest pipe or component in the system. Actual conditions vary so user must accept full risk and responsibility for the selection and use of any product.

The hydrocarbon resistant Multi-Flex® plugs have a 200°F maximum service temperature and may be modified for up to 400°F.

Multi-Flex® Plugs may be customized for most chemical resistance requirements. Multi-Flex® plugs have a much higher puncture and tear resistance than rubber molded Plugs and may be customized with Kevlar for even greater puncture resistance.

General Information

Our 128 and 129 PeteStopTM Inflatable Line Stops are designed to be inserted through a hot tap and can provide for most requirements.

Typically, we categorize them by Inflatable or Mechanical. We have plugs for most size, pressure, and temperature requirements.

Many items are in stock for same day shipment. Standard items out of stock generally in 2 - 3 days. Items built for a specific project are manufactured often can be shipped in 2 - 3 weeks. Expediting is usually available upon request

We are just north of Milwaukee at 421 Wheeler St. Fredonia, WI 53021

All Petersen manufactured items are produced in the USA. Some items sourced from others may be manufactured in a country listed in the specifications.