3 Ways to Protect Pipelines from Excavation Damage

Excavation mistakes are the most common cause of pipeline damage. Keep your operation safe with these ways to protect pipelines from excavation damage.

When professionals and amateurs alike dig around pipelines, they pose a serious threat to your operation. A misguided shovel swing can strike buried lines, causing dangerous issues like dents or cracks. Irresponsible digging is the most common cause of pipeline damage. How can you prevent this from happening? Pipeline operators must work with construction companies and local residents to uphold safe digging standards. Learn more about what you can do with these ways to protect pipelines from excavation damage.

Mark Pipelines Clearly

Installing and correctly marking pipelines is an essential part of protecting them. Diggers must look for signs, flags, and other markings that indicate a buried pipeline nearby. When you create these markers, make them clear and visible so that no one can miss them. Additionally, always create a proper right-of-way to leave space for equipment and workers whenever you need to perform maintenance or repairs.

Educate the Public

Raising public awareness is one of the best ways to protect pipelines from excavation damage. Ensure that diggers in your area know exactly what to do before breaking down—this includes large construction companies and regular homeowners. Create informational campaigns to make this knowledge accessible to the general public. Posters and websites are a great way to spread crucial information—such as the need to call 811 and other contact information for your local One-Call Center—throughout your area.

Respond Quickly To Digging Requests

Construction workers and other potential diggers must report their digging plans before they can break ground. Once they do, it’s the pipeline operator’s job to send someone out to locate and mark the pipeline throughout and around the construction site. When you receive digging requests, do your best to handle them in an efficient and friendly manner. When you’re easy to work with, you make safe digging a simple and speedy process for everyone.

Working with the public to minimize excavation damage is a crucial part of pipeline maintenance. Another step is to equip your team with the right tools and gear to install, test, and repair pipelines. When you work with a high-quality pipe plug manufacturerlike Petersen Products, you give your team the best resources to take good care of your pipeline operation.

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