Why Every Restaurant Needs a DrainJet

One of the most overlooked aspects of any restaurant operation is the drains. And most restaurants have a lot of them, with multiple kitchen sinks, dishwashers, bar sinks, just to name a few. Food service operations are fast paced and almost always busy, so it makes sense that properly maintaining pipes and drains isn’t at the top of their to do list. 

But the problem is that restaurant drains and pipes take a beating every single day, and failure to properly clean them can lead to serious problems down the road. To avoid these problems, you need to use drain cleaning tools like drain flushers routinely. 

Restaurant drains require a lot of attention 

Even with garbage disposals, strainers, and grease traps, debris will still end up in your drains. The issue is that as that debris and grease slowly build up, your drains will be less and less effective. At best, dirty water will take longer to drain, foul smells can begin to spread from your pipes, and you may start to experience more flies and other pests—all things that a restaurant wants to avoid. 

At worst, your pipe will become completely clogged, liquid won’t drain at all, and your restaurant may have to shut down until the problem is fixed. This situation can be very expensive for your operation and could even lead to problems with the health department. 

The solution: Petersen’s DrainJet® drain flusher 

A drain flusher uses a high flow rate and a powerful jet of water to clear debris and grease buildup from kitchen sinks, dishwasher drains, and plumbing pipes. For the DrainJet®, all you need to do is attach it to a ¾” garden hose connection and turn it on. It can easily navigate through bends and tights spaces, and it uses such force that it obliterates almost anything in its path. For grease build up, just attach the DrainJet to a hot water connection, and the force combined with the heat (up to 180° F) will effectively dissolve all the grease and flush it out (be sure to block any vent or branch pipes).

It’s a quick process, and before you know it, your pipes will be clear, water will drain, and the smelly gunk that was attracting the flies will be gone. 

Drain flusher vs. chemicals 

When deciding on what type of drain cleaning tools to use, we recommend choosing a drain flusher over chemicals. Chemicals can be dangerous to the people using them, contaminate things in your kitchen, they don’t work on all types of blockages, and they can damage pipes. A drain flusher, on the other hand, simply relies on water and force. It is easy to use and not dangerous. 

Start using the DrainJet drain flusher today 

Neglecting your restaurant’s plumbing system can lead to big, costly problems and could even shut you down. Using a drain flusher on all your drains at least once a month can clear blockages early, before they cause a major issue. Make it a part of your beginning or end of month routine, and add in an extra flushing if you’ve been particularly busy. Taking those steps now will prevent a headache later. 

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