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Pipe Plugs and Packer for most size, pressure, chemical, and temperature requirements

126 Series Rigid Core Remote Placement Bore Hole Plugs & Packers

Custom Rigid Core Rubber Inflatable By-Pass Plugs

  • Safety and environmental risks reduced with these heavy duty pipe plugs
  • May be customized for most size, pressure, temperature, and chemical requirements
  • Polyurethane Inflatable Seal
    • Other materials available for chemical and temperature requirements
    • These synthetic materials do not age like natural rubber plugs
  • Higher pressure and more robust than typical inflatable plugs
  • Ports optional on both ends allows connecting two or more series connection
  • Bypass Through the center allows pressurizing or monitoring pipeline
  • Much Longer pipe contact length than most other plugs
  • Alternative uses for the 126 series includes expanding elastic materials for thermal forming process, shrink fit assembly and even vulcanizing
  • Anchor points both ends

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Rigid By-Pass Plugs
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