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Pipe Plugs and Packer for most size, pressure, chemical, and temperature requirements

Municipal Style Muni-Ball® By-Pass Plugs Sizes: 1.5" To 96", 130-2 Series

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These plugs provide for testing and/or monitoring of piping systems. They are ideal for installation and repair of residential or commercial piping systems.

Inflation for smaller diameter plugs is Shrader type tire valve and larger diameter plugs inflate through a ¼” npt tire valve allowing replacemet with a quick disconnect fittings. These flexible bypass plugs are bendable to 90˚.

To Convert the Muni Ball into a Remote Placement Plug, please refer to the Accessories Table Below

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**See below chart for full pressure range

Back Pressure

Remote Placement Accessories

Use adapter and pole (or 1-1/4" iron pipe) for remote placement.
The Muni-Ball (R) Adapter threads into plug bypass fitting and pole threads into Muni-Ball(R) Adapter - use a bushing if necessary to adapt bypass fitting size to Adapter size.
Use Pole Adapters to extend length by adding additional 6' poles - e.g. two poles for 12' requires one Pole Adapter.
Poles are designed for plugs up to 30 pounds used in manhole depths up to 20 feet.