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161-Series High Pressure Flat Form Bags Sizes 22" to 36"

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161-Series High Pressure Lifting Air Bags Operating Instructions

Made of Kevlar® reinforced *NR-SBR rubber compound.

* NR = Isoprene rubber, natural. SBR = Styrene-butadiene rubber.

Operating Temperature: -40°F to 130°F

The pneumatic high pressure flat form heavy lifting air bags are reinforced with Kevlar® cord for heavy duty, low profile heavy lifting, emergency rescue, HAZMAT management or industrial use. The Flat Form design bags eliminate the need for complicated height/weight computation graphs and uncertain lifting height calculations. Simply stated, a 34.1 ton bag will lift 34.1 tons to the specified height (see table). Flat Form bags safely link together when stacked, eliminating slipping or violent ejection. Maximum of three bags can be safely stacked. Flat Form bags retain their flat profile, eliminating rolling and shifting. Heavy duty design and Kevlar reinforcing ensure long life.

Flat Form Lifting Bags
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