What a Hydrostatic Pipeline Test Entails

A hydrostatic pipeline test is one of many procedures that allows pipeline workers to ensure a pipeline system is operating safely. These tests often occur at the end of construction or maintenance to determine whether the pipeline is ready to return to service. Hydrostatic pipeline tests also allow workers and inspectors to locate and eliminate any leaks or other issues in a controlled environment. This prevents the industry from operating faulty pipelines, which can lead to chemical leaks and other further damage. Learn more about what a hydrostatic pipeline test entails with this overview.

The Purpose of Hydrostatic Testing

No matter what kind of liquids a pipeline carries, it’s important for the equipment to be free of leaks, cracks, and other defects. These pipelines also need to withstand a certain amount of pressure to safely transport their products. Hydrostatic pipeline testing determines whether a pipeline has the strength to withstand its required pressure. It also locates any damage or improper fittings that allow liquid to leak out of the pipe. If a pipeline passes hydrostatic testing, you know it’s in good shape to operate normally.

How a Hydrostatic Pipeline Test Works

Hydrostatic pipeline testing uses water to raise the pressure of a pipeline. To perform the test, workers must isolate the component they’re inspecting and fill it completely with water. This eliminates air within the pipe and pressurizes the system to a stress level above the designed pressure requirements. Workers must then hold the pipeline at that pressure point for a specific amount of time. During that time, the workers will record the pressure, volume, and temperature of the pipeline at regular intervals. This allows workers to determine the precise rates of any pressure drops. Additionally, workers will visually inspect the pipeline for leaks. Some versions of the hydrostatic pipeline test use dyes in the water to make locating cracks and other defects easier.

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