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Petersen Product Selection Guide

Inflatable pipe plugs customized Products for Almost any Size, Chemical, Pressure, and Temperature

Multi-Flex ® Inflatable Pipe Plugs

  • Generally used for water, hydrocarbon and chemical resistance
  • Almost any size, pressure, and chemical and temperature requirement
  • Highly flexible so conforms to almost any pipe configuration
  • Greatest multi-size range, and can fit through very small openings
  • Fabricated from synthetic materials so do not age like molded rubber plug
  • Used for blocking pipeline but may allow some seepage unless customized for pipeline testing
  • Inflated with air, water, or nitrogen
  • Available with or without a flow-thru by-pass
  • The 126 series Rigid Core Remote Placement Plugs and Bore Hole Packers can be made for very high pressures
  • The 128 and 129 Series Line Stop Plugs block high pressures and may be inserted through through a much smaller hot tap than much heavier costlier mechanical stops.
  • The 128 series requires a smaller tap size and the 129 series can block much higher pressures.
128,129 Series Diagram

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  • Air, hot water or steam cure with or without a Flow-Through By u By-Pass.
  • Flexibility and light weight to speed point repair projects.
  • Small deflated size allows the Carrier Packer to navigate bends and confined spaces
  • Configurations available for most relining requirements.

  • Available for air, water, or steam application of lining.
  • Available with a Flow-Thru By-Pass
  • Flexibility, small deflated size, and light weight pulls through a confined space from the main line or the lateral.
  • Configurations for most relining requirements.
  • Almost any length and diameter is available.
  • Customize for most pressure, chemical, and temperature requirements. Tough nylon reinforced EPDM construction with other materials available
Inflatable Test Plugs
  • Single size and multi-size rubber plugs are one of the most popular pipe plug for low pressure testing
  • Designed to test drain, vent, and waste systems for residential, commercial, and industrial piping systems. Easily fits test tees, closet bends, sanitary tees, floor drains, and roof vents.
  • Made with natural rubber.
  • Drain pipe plugs available with and without bypass.
  • Two Stage for blocking clean out and vent.
  • Remote placement plugs.
  • Leak Detector plugs
  • Many other standard configurations