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Hot Tap Drills, Cutters, Pilot Drills and Kits

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Hot tapping is a process by which a nozzle or hot tap saddle is added to a pressurized pipeline to allow flow into or out of the pipeline, install instruments, sampling probes or to install an inflatable pipe plug. All hot taps should be designed, fabricated, inspected, and tested in accordance with the original code of construction, typically the ASME Code Section VIII Division 1 and API Recommended Practice RP 2201, “Procedures for Welding or Hot Tapping on Equipment in Service.” The hot tapping machine and nozzle design should be checked for weight and thermal load capacity of the pipeline. Welding a hot tap nozzle to the pipeline requires consideration given to dissipating the heat to avoid damaging the pipeline or combustion of the fluid inside the vessel. We recommend using larger size hole saws over 3” for plastic pipe only. Carbide grit hole-saws generally are better for ductile steel. Do not use worn hole saws as they may fatigue and break the arbor. Use the table below for drill speeds. Never exceed 550 RPM for any size. Do Not exceed 120 psi max. (8.27 bar). The packing seal on the Hot Tapper uses Viton O-rings but because they could leak if warm it is not recommended that the hot tapper be used with temperatures that may injure the operator.

261 Series

261 Series Cutters, Pilot Drills, Kits and 1/2" Drill

1/4" to 6" at 100 psi or less (Hot Tapper shown above with and without 2" adapter)

Pneumatic Hot Tapper

262-2040 Pneumatic Hot Tapping Machine

1/4" to 6" Hot Taps at 285 psi or less