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Multi-Flex® Point & Sectional Repair Packer / Carriers, 116 & 119 Series With and without Bypass, for Ambient, Steam, and Hot Water Cure

  • Safety and environmental risks reduced
  • Almost any diameter and length available
  • Save time and labor cost with lighter weight than molded rubber styles
  • Navigates small openings with small deflated diameter and high flexibility
  • Adhesion Resistant Industrial Ballistic Nylon Reinforced EPDM
    • Other materials available for chemical and temperature requirements
    • These synthetic materials do not age like natural rubber products
  • Conforms most pipe shapes and bends
  • Ports on both ends allows steam condensate to discharge from either end
  • Small storage area needed

Summary instructions: Multi-Flex® packers and very flexible and contractors generally stretch them out flat. Fold the relining material around the packer and fold the packer and liner up together. Bundle with paper tape, string, rubber bands, or some other method that will break when the packer is inflated.

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Point & Sectional Repair Packer / Carriers


118 & 119 Series 3 1/2" to 48" Multi-Flex® Point Repair Packers / Carriers:

These Multi-Flex®  Packers are available with and without a Flow-Thru By-Pass and have the flexibility and light weight to speed point repair projects. Flexibility allows the inflatable Carrier Packer to navigate through a manhole or confined spaces. It is available for air, water, or steam application of lining. Configurations can be provided for most relining requirements. Almost any length and diameter is available. Deflates to small flexible size for easy insertion. They may be customized to meet a customer's specific requirements.

Our standard inflatable packers and carriers utilize nylon reinforced EPDM covers. Other materials also available.

Pressure range: 10-25 psig

Multi-Flex® Packers/Carriers With and Without By-Pass
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Multi-Flex® T Packer

The flexibility and light weight ease make positioning the packer especially in confined areas. Tee Packers may be pulled into the lateral from the main line into the main line through the lateral Almost any length and diameter is available. Deflates to small flexible size for easy insertion. The Tee packer is often manufactured to meet a specific customer's c requirements. Let us quote based on your requirements.

Lateral Joint "T" Packers
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