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Petersen Product Selection Guide

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Testing Equipment

Leak Detector Pressure Testing:

Used for testing sewer pipe installations. A fast, most economical, and accurate method of testing pipe.

20" to 42" Manhole Vacuum Testers & Accessories:

These manhole testers provide the most efficient, accurate, and cost-effective method of testing new, existing, and rehabilitated manholes. Manhole jacks, winches, and rollers.

Made with natural rubber.

High Pressure Portable Hydrostatic Test Pumps:

These test pumps are a fast, safe, and simple method for hydrostatic testing.

Pressure range for testing: 1,000 - 10,000 psig

Hydrostatic Test Pumps:

Test pumps from 9.5 to 35 gpm.

Pressure range: 290 - 550 psig

Stringers and Ventilators:

For use as a line stringer, ventilator or smoke blower.

Smoke Testers:

For use with traditional smoke bombs or liquid smoke.

Deflection Gauges:

For testing pipes for out of roundness or reflections.

Aluminum or zinc plated steel.