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Pipe Plugs and Packer for most size, pressure, chemical, and temperature requirements

Mechanical High Pressure Test Plugs Sizes: 2.469" to 144", 145-9 Series

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145-Series Mechanical Plug Instructions, Inflatable Seal
145-Series Mechanical Plug Instructions, O-Ring Seal

Available with solid rubber seals or inflatable seals. Standard plug is Aluminum body with steel hardware and solid nitrile seal. We can make with EPDM and Viton seals as well as Steel or Stainless Steel body and hardware. Easy installation, replaceable seals, positive seal and engineered to restrain rated pipeline pressure

Typical Applications: Force and water main, lift stations, nuclear cooling lines, fire protection lines, special plant situations, irrigation supply lines, and many other projects where isolation is required for testing and construction.

These Plugs may be manufactured for almost any pressure and for rectangular or other shaped opening.

Note: Rated pressures listed are for steel pipe only. Other pipe materials would have a lower pressure rating or require additional restraints.

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Always block plugs when conducting air tests

Other sizes and seal material available

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