Mechanical Pipe Plugs for Almost Any Application

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Pipe Protector Plugs flush mounted plugs Mechanical Low Pressure Aluminum By-Pass Plugs Hand Tightening nylon Body Test Plugs well monitoring
140 Series Pipe Protector Plugs 140-4 & 140-5 Series Flush Mounted Plugs 141 Series Low Pressure Aluminum Body By-Pass Plugs 142 Series Nylon Body Test Plugs 142-8 Series Well Monitoring Plugs
(Made by Cherne)

test caps Mechanical Hand Tightening Test Plugs lever handle rubber plug T handle rubber test plugs wing nut plugs
142-9 Series Test Caps
(Made by Cherne)
143-0 Series nylon Test & Cleanout Plugs W&W/O By-Pass 143-1 Series Lever Type Expandable Rubber Plugs 143-2 Series T-Handle Expandable Rubber Plugs 143-3 Series Steel Wing Nut Plugs
(Made by Cherne)

end of pipe plug wing nut plugs T-handle aluminum test plugs Clean Out Gripper Plugs Wing Nut Plug
143-4 Series Polypropylene End of Pipe Plugs
(Made by Cherne)
143-5 Series Water Line Stub Plugs
(Made by Cherne)
143-7 Series T-Handle Aluminum Test Plugs W&W/O By-Pass
(Made by Cherne)

143-8 Reinforced Threaded and Hub Plugs
(Made by Cherne)
143-9 Reinforced ABS Wing Nut Plugs
(Made by Cherne)

Mechanical Low Pressure nylon Plugs Mechanical Low Pressure nylon Plugs Mechanical and Mechanical / Inflatable Pipe Plugs, Medium and High Pressure joint tester Mechanical Test Plugs (Bolt type medium pressure)
144 Series Low Pressure nylon Plugs W&W/O By-Pass 144-1 Series High Impact ABS Wing Nut Plug 145-9 Series Mechanical and Inflatable Seal Pipe By-Pass Plugs, Medium and High Pressure

145-8 Series Pipeline Joint Testers
(Made by Cherne)
146-9 Series Mechanical Plugs
Bolt Type Mechanical Pipe Plugs, High Pressure EZ-Swet Mechanical Line Stopper Plugs twist and seal condenser plugs expander plugs
147 Series Bolt Type High Pressure Test Plugs With By-Pass 148-0 Series EZ-Swet Mechanical Line Stopper Plugs W&W/O By-Pass 148-1 Series Twist & Seal High Pressure Heat Exchanger Tube Plugs

148-2 Series Twist & Seal Condenser Plugs 148-3 Series Remote Placement Expander Plugs
condenser  plugs Single Mechanical Test Plugs With By-Pass Double Mechanical Test Plugs high lift weld flange high lift weld flange
148-4 Series Condenser Plugs 149-1 Series Aluminum Body Test By-Pass Plugs 149-2 Series Double Mechanical Aluminum Body Test Plugs
151 Series High Lift Flange Weld Test By-Pass Plugs 936-5000- Series Safety Gags
Redwood Pipe Plugs
140-1 Tapered
Redwood Pipe Plugs